BAC Nominations and Elections 2019 Ballot_Check_Image.png

Fellow Columbia University Alums:

Thank you for your interest and participation in the Black Alumni Council (BAC) of Columbia University. 


Biennial nominations for executive officer positions on the BAC Board of Directors are now open. The four positions are: PRESIDENT, VICE PRESIDENT, TREASURER, and SECRETARY. Elected officer positions are for two-year terms. An officer may serve two consecutive terms in the same office.

Please submit nominations for any or all executive officer positions by sending an email,

to: columbiabac@gmail.com. 

Deadline: Sun. April 28 | 11:59 PM (EST)

Nominations must contain the nominee’s first and last name, contact email, school, graduation year, desired position, and a brief statement of your support (not to exceed 500 words). Please only nominate others after having received their consent for nomination. Alumni may also nominate themselves. Submissions will be reviewed and a slate of nominees for elections will be announced by the Nominating Committee.

All four officer positions will be vacated by current officers. Below are elected officer position descriptions:

President: The President of the Board shall preside over all meetings, provide meeting agenda, act as liaison with the Columbia Alumni Association, appoint committee chairs, and with the secretary and treasurer, sign all written contracts on behalf of BAC.

Vice President: The Vice President shall assist the President and perform his or her duties in the event of the President’s absence or inability to act. The Vice President may be designated by the President to preside over Advisory Committee meetings, and shall assume principal responsibility and supervision of special committees.

Treasurer: The Treasurer shall keep all financial records and shall report annually to the Board on the financial status of the BAC. He/she with the President shall sign all financial contracts on behalf of the BAC except as otherwise provided by the Board of Directors.  

Secretary: The Secretary shall prepare meeting minutes and keep records of attendance at Board and Committee meetings. He/she shall with the President sign all written contracts on behalf of the BAC except as otherwise provided by the Board of Directors.

Volunteer Opportunities

In addition to elected positions alums may volunteer to fulfill the mission of the BAC. Committees include but are not limited to Events, Communications, and Fundraising

Additionally, the BAC seeks alumni liaisons from each Columbia school, at BAC chapters outside of New York City, from among young alums, and among foundational class graduates (up to 1978). If interested in volunteering in any way, please email your name, school, graduation year and interest to: columbiabac@gmail.com


Once the nominating process is closed, the members of the Nominating Committee will compile the submitted information on each nominee, verify their interest and eligibility to seek office, and ask for a brief bio of qualifications and interest for distribution. A digital correspondence is prepared with a ballot (or link to a ballot), submitted candidate information, and a closing date for all ballots to be received. Reminders will be sent at least once during the balloting period. 

Voter Eligible

Ballots are sent to eligible members of the BAC contact list. Eligibility is determined by the board in preparation for elections.

Ballots for 2019 elections will be sent to all "active" BAC members with active status determined by documented engagement in any number of ways: attendance (in-person or remotely) at events or meetings (including General Body, Board, CAA Arts Access, Homecoming, Heritage, The Jam, Happy Hours, Alumni of Color Reception, Perspectives on Diversity Brunch, BAC-LA, networking and preprofessional events, student connect/networking events, etc.); or contributions to the BAC Scholarship Fund, Graduation Stoles, The Jam, or other fund raising activity.  

Please refer all questions or concerns via e-mail to columbiabac@gmail.com.

For reference, click to view a copy of the BAC Constitution and By-Laws.

Thank you.

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