April 27, 2019

Alumni Medals to BAC Members

Black Alumni Council leaders honored during Commencement Week 2019 events. 

Three Black Alumni Council members, with significant contributions to the University and BAC,  are among the alums chosen to receive Alumni Medals for distinguished service of ten years or more to the University. 


Dr. Brenda Aiken MD, ‘77 BC ‘81VPS


Dr. Aiken, is pictured above (right) at the 2014 BAC Heritage Award reception with award recipient Dr. Yvonne S. Thornton, MD MPH ‘73 VPS ‘96PH (left). 


Tracy V. Maitland ’82CC


Mr. Maitland is pictured above at the 2011 Heritage Award reception receiving the award that evening from the BAC president at that time, Armond Adams. 


Armond Adams ‘06CC


Mr. Adams is pictured above (far right) at the 2009 Heritage Award reception where he presided over the festivities for award recipient Ben Jealous '94CC (middle) with BAC board member and current BAC-LA chairperson Courtney Lynne Wilkins '07CC. 

Click the name of each medalist (above) to read their brief bio. Click Alumni Medalists to read about all ten Columbia University alumni medalists and other commencement week news. 

Congratulations to all recipients!

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