May 20, 2017

Give the Gift of a Columbia Education

If you have not already done so, give to the BAC Scholarship Fund. 


Lorenzo Bradford '17CC

“The Black Alumni Council Scholarship means more to me than just the peace of mind of financial security. It also signifies to me that there is a supportive network of black alumni that believe in me and care enough about my success that they are willing to contribute to my endeavors. It is this sense of communal caring and affirmation that I am most grateful for.”

Originally from San Diego, California, Lorenzo (pictured here) is displaying awards he received from the Institute for Research in African American Studies (IRAAS) - The Ella Baker Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement and the B.A. completion award for African American Studies majors.

Congratulations to all three 2016-17 BAC Scholars: Lorenzo Bradford '17CC, Tiana Lino '17CC and Camille Sanches '18CC  

You can read more about the BACSF and how to give here: BAC SCHOLARSHIP FUND

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