October 31, 2017

Scholarship Fund Challenge - 200 Donors

The BAC Scholarship Fund campaign has a 200 donor matching gift challenge!

A generous Black alumnus has pledged a $10,000 gift to the BAC scholarship IF BAC, as a group, is able to reach the mark of 200 individual donors! 
KC_400.jpgHistorically, this particular challenge is a stretch. BAC has reached over 100 donors, and has perviously accomplished a high point of over 150 donors in a given year.

But, 200 donors is certainly within reach. To achieve this goal, and to receive this $10,000 gift to the fund, BAC will need the help of alumni from all schools and generations, with varied interests and affiliations.

Columbia Giving Day began Wednesday, October 18th and the outpouring of support was fantastic. On this one day, we achieved more than half of our goal of 200 donors. The challenge mandates 200 donors during this annual 2017-2018 campaign season. However, the Giving Day period is typically a high point for BAC giving, so now we will have to sustain momentum over the next several months.

Beginning at $10.00, charitable contributions of any amount are deeply appreciated.
To give to the BAC Scholarship, see who has contributed thus far, and join the count to 200 donors: 
You can learn more about BAC Scholarship Fund here: 
Give Back / Lead Forward! 

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